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Canadian and other non resident aliens

Thousand Islands Armory follows all federal and state laws.

Thousand Islands Armory doesn't have an Import/Export license. Thousand Islands Armory is off limits to Canadians and other non resident aliens. This is a matter of law. Many items in the shop and on this web site have an ITAR restriction and considered an implement of war. These type products if purchased in the US must be declared at the border. Customs agents will confiscate these items.

Only US citizens living within the lower 48 states may purchase items on this web site and at the shop. Orders placed by Canadian citizens will be cancelled. Orders placed by Canadian citizens with a US (border town) physical address will be cancelled. Orders placed by US citizens with a physical address outside the 48 states will be cancelled.

Several US locations are restricted based on local laws. CA Prop 65 warning label requirements have caused the shop to put CA off limits. NYC has numerous restrictions which prohibit certain items from entering the city. 


Thousand Islands Armory 

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