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Thousand Islands Armory has a new store policy. We do FREE Long Gun transfers for our local customers. Only Long Guns. We will no longer conduct transfers for any other type firearm ie hand guns, receivers, frames, Mossberg Shockwave. The Long Gun must be NY Compliant. Procedures are the same as Purchasing Guns. Prior coordination is required. You must call the shop first prior to purchasing the Long Gun. Failure to follow our procedures will result in the unauthorized gun being shipped back to the supplier at the customer's expense.

Before you think about buying a Long Gun from another gun shop and ask this shop to do the transfer. please request a price from our shop. Our price is the Cash Price. Special orders require 100% Cash Payment up front to include the 8% NY State Sales tax for Jefferson County. 

Thousand Islands Armory gets customers the best prices on Long Guns we don't stock. As long as the Long Gun is in stock at one of our wholesale distributors, we can get the Long Gun here within about 5-7 business days. If the customer wants expedited shipping, the customer must pay the difference. Once the Long Gun arrives at the shop, the customer must complete the ATF 4473 and FBI NICS. This shop requires a NICS "Proceed" status to transfer a firearm. Make sure your NY DL has your current physical address.

NOTE: Thousand Islands Armory only orders NEW Long Guns with warranties for our customers. We don't get involved with purchasing used guns from other gun shops for our customers. If a customer wants to purchase a used Long Gun from another gun shop, we can do the transfer but we have nothing to do with the condition of the firearm when it arrives at the shop. Buyer Beware!

Thousand Islands Armory inspects, gauges and function checks every new or pre-owned Long Gun, AR upper assembly, BCG and Barrel that we sell. Most gun shops and big box stores don't offer this level of customer service and guarantee of serviceability. Makes sense to buy from Thousand Islands Armory. If it ain't right, we fix it or send it back but never pass it on to a customer.

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