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Free Shipping / Free Pickup Q&A

Have questions about our free shipping policy or in store pickup options? These questions and answers may help. If these don't answer your questions, please contact for more information. 


Q: What does the free shipping over $300 include?

A: Everything except certain products (guns and upper assemblies) that will be labeled. The amount over $300 has to be the before tax amount to qualify.


Q: Is there a code I need to use for free shipping?

A: No, it will calculate by itself. If you run into any issues where it isn't, please contact us. Orders for zip code 13656 where the free shipping for in store pick up is applied but in store pickup is not set up, those orders will not be processed


Q: What if I'm not ready to purchase $300?

A: That's ok. We offer flat rate shipping of $10.50 for any order under $300. That way there are still no surprises when it comes to the checkout. Some products may have reduced shipping prices and will be labeled. 


Q: How do I select free in store pickup at checkout? 

A: You get free in store pickup when you put the shop's address as the ship to address. The address will be at the top of the checkout page as a reference. That will send an alert that the order is for pickup and not being shipped to another address. 


Q: Do I need to bring anything when I pick up my order?

A: Yes, a driver's license or military/LEO ID to confirm the original purchaser is picking up the order. 


Q: What else do I need to know for in store pickups. 

A: When you complete your order online, we will get an email letting us know an order was placed. When we have your order ready, we will send you an email letting you know it's ready for pickup and change the status to "Awaiting Pickup". This may not be within the same day as the order placed but will be the next at the latest. We will try to fill all orders the same day if possible. If there are any issue, we will contact immediately. 

Due to CA Prop 65, we have suspended all sales and shipping to CA. Due to changing state laws, other states may be added.

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