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Placing order by phone vs web site

Thousand Islands Armory refuses to accept orders over the phone. Processing orders over the phone increases the risk of consumer fraud. We have a system in place "place order on our web site". If a customer believes voice transmission over the phone is more secure than data transmission over this web site, that's a matter of opinion that we won't entertain. We pay Big Commerce, and Clearent monthly fees to ensure customer sensitive data is protected. We also have an internal SOP that clearly states that we won't accept over the phone orders. IAW PCI compliance, we also can't store customer sensitive information (credit/debit card) information in our secured filing system. By opening an account on this web site and placing the order with your credit card information, we have a historical document of your purchase. That historical document protects both customer and the shop. It becomes a contract that's initiated by the customer. In addition, we get discounted shipping rates for web site sales through Endicia which saves both customer and shop shipping cost. We don't share your information with the government unless required to by court order. If you have concerns that government entities are hacking into this web site to observe your on line purchases, it's as likely they are listening to your voice transmission. If you will only accept an over the phone order, we refuse to accept that order. Thank you. Bob Owens (owner) Thousand Islands Armory.

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