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Purchasing Guns

Please call the shop at (315) 658-2375 BEFORE ordering a gun from our web site. In the past, we had numerous problems with customers not following procedures which demanded the shop to cancel the order. For over a year, we stopped selling guns on the web site.

Make sure the gun you are purchasing is legal where you live. The gun may be legal in your state but not legal in your city. Laws change daily and it's impossible for a gun shop to stay on top of all these changes. Some states have gun laws which require you to be 21 years old, not 18 ie Florida. If you don't meet these state or local requirements, please don't place an order. CA has already been made off limits due to Prop 65.

Here's a summary:

Call Shop BEFORE ordering

You must contact a local gun shop who is willing to receive this gun. Get the name of the manager/owner who will be receiving the gun. Your receiving gun shop must email Thousand Islands Armory ( a copy of their FFL. Do not order the gun until Thousand Islands Armory contacts you that we received their FFL. Receiving their FFL is proof that they are willing to receive the gun.

When placing the order on this web site, you must place your receiving gun shop's info in the SHIP TO Address. The gun shop manager/owner's name is placed in the Ship To Address. 

Failure to secure the receiving gun shop's permission and Thousand Islands Armory receiving a copy of the receiving gun shop's FFL will cause a delay or cancel of the order.

DO NOT place your home address in the SHIP TO address. Your order will be delayed or cancelled.

Your order will be filled and the gun will be shipped USPS to the receiving gun shop. You can track your shipment with the USPS tracking number. Once the gun is handed over to the USPS, the gun is out of our control.

Your receiving gun shop will notify you when the gun arrives. Your receiving gun shop will take care of the ATF4473/NICS or state requirements.

NOTE: If you live local, please purchase the gun at the shop where you will complete the ATF 4473 and NICS.

Documents required to purchase a gun at the gun shop: Valid NY DL with current physical address on DL

Documents required for a soldier: NY DL with current physical address; if out of state DL: 1) out of state DL 2) copy of PCS Orders 3) Mil ID Card

If you are a soldier that lives off post: all the above documents plus a government issued document that shows your current physical address. This could be SGLI form, ORB/SRB, Provost Marshall Gun Registry form, NY State Sportsman's License, other gov doc.

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