Core Values

Thousand Islands Armory T Shirt - Blue and Black in various sizes for $13.99

From a veteran owner

My name is Bob Owens, owner of Thousand Islands Armory (est. 2013). I served in the US Army as a Warrant Officer Armament Repair Technician with twenty years active service and eleven more years as a civilian. I served in various positions from technician, instructor, shop supervisor, division level maintenance manager and logistics analyst.

Store policies

This shop abides by all state and federal laws and has a few store policies to further protect my FFL, business and family. Absolutely no business with non US citizens or anyone that lives outside the 47 states (CA off limits). Certain cities and states have restrictions ie NYC. All sales are face to face at the shop. Must be at least 18 to conduct business with this shop.

please support gun groups and businesses that support our Constitution, bill of rights and america

A government gun buy back program is code for mandatory confiscation! They will use our own tax dollars to take away our private property. In addition, Red Flag laws are an easy way for radical leftists to violate the 2nd Amendment. Remember this - every veteran has PTSD so none should have guns. They hate the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and America. I suggest we address our grievances through our elected officials, voting, using our legal system and supporting our 2nd Amendment organizations. A disarmed nation sets the stage for anarchy in the streets and a communist dictatorship.

please support our veterans

All of our veterans need our support not just the wounded warriors and families of our fallen heroes. No American veteran should be homeless, hungry and living in poverty. 

please support politicians that support the constitution

We are under constant attack. Please only support politicians that support the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and America. All others are adversaries and guilty of treason!