Core beliefs

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From a veteran owner that understands history

My name is Bob Owens, owner of Thousand Islands Armory. I served in the US Army as a Warrant Officer Armament Repair Technician with twenty years active service and eleven more years as a civilian. I understand the connection between the right to self protection, gun ownership, freedom and liberty. 

Store policies

I have a few store policies that may rub some people wrong. I follow federal and state law to protect my FFL even when I personally disagree with many laws. Some of these policies wouldn't even exist in a free state but my shop is in liberal NY. NY wants to drive the gun industry out of the state (Remington). My shop is a sole proprietor and not an LLC. I do things to reduce risks and protect my family and business from law suits. 

support the nra and other gun rights groups

Until that day comes when they start confiscating our guns, I suggest we address our grievances through voting, our legal system and our 2nd Amendment organizations. Once confiscation begins diplomacy ends.

support our veterans

All of our veterans need our support not just the wounded warriors and families of our fallen heroes. No American veteran should be homeless, hungry and living in poverty. 

support politicians that love america

We only support politicians that support the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and America. All others are adversaries and guilty of treason!