near north country hunting areas

 Thousand Islands Armory gun shop is close to Clayton and Alex Bay NY; about 20  miles north of Watertown. State Route 180 is accessible via State Rt 12 or Interstate 81 (Theresa/LaFargeville Rt 411 exit).  

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Long Gun sales

All gun sales including special orders must be done in person face to face at the shop. We do not fill orders or order guns over the phone. Special orders of guns must be 100% pre-paid in cash in person at the shop. No credit/debit cards on special orders.  The price given is the cash price. That same person that paid for the gun must do the 4473/NICS when the gun arrives at the shop. Prices posted for long guns and upper assemblies in stock at the shop is the cash price. We also offer customized layaway plans on in stock guns.


 My Federal Firearms License authorizes long gun transfers, sales, gunsmithing, and ammo sales. I no longer sell, stock, gunsmith or transfer handguns. 

To request a Long Gun transfer, you must contact the shop by phone prior to purchasing a long gun from another supplier/shop. Approval is case by case basis. FEE $30.00

The Long Gun must be NY compliant by the manufacturer (LEO ex).  When acting as a transfer agent, this shop has no responsibility for the condition, safety, accuracy or return of any long gun purchased from any other source. The buyer assumes all risks. To eliminate those risks, buy your long gun from this shop.

limited gunsmithing

I offer limited gunsmithing on long guns.  Capability is limited to the availability of repair parts. I don't have a machine shop and don't refinish firearms. We recommend GunBlack, Interlaken NY for bluing and parkerizing (phosphate) finishing. 


 Thousand Islands Armory has the largest stock of AR parts in the region. From upper and lower receivers, barrels, BCGs, upper and lower parts kits, Oops kits, springs and pins, and charging handles, if it's for the AR, we have it in stock. I typically don't stock parts for other long guns. I must rely on the big parts suppliers. 



We have a healthy stock of Magpul, Leapers/UTG, Allen, and items from many other manufacturers. Liquidation prices on our remaining stock of High Speed Gear and Warrior Assault products.


We have great prices on ammo. This shop can't stock, sell or transfer powder, reloading supplies, tannerite or tracer ammo.